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Wujiang Fuhua Fabric Co., Ltd
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Quality Supplier of ~Chemical Fiber Fabrics: Nylon and Polyester Production of ~Greige and Dyed Annual Capacity of Production of Fabrics ~302 million meters. Modern plants and office facilities ~are situated on 300,000 square meters of industrial land in Shengze Modern plants equipped ~with 3388 advanced water-jet weaving machines from Japan and France (Tsudakoma, Toyota, Staubli) ~Complete sets of 20 dyeing &Finishing, Printing and Coating equipment. Employee ~Over 1200 people ~covers a broad range of departments including Sales, Marketing, R&D, Production, Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing,warehouse, shipping as well as post-treatment processing of woven fabrics With an investment ~of...

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Out-wear100%Polyester Fabric for Outdoors100%Nylon Fabric for Wind Jackets20D Polyamide Fabric for GarmentsShiny Outlook Fabric for GarmentsCotton Like 100% Polyester Fabric4 Way Stretch Fabric for GarmentsPolyester Fabric for Down Jackets100% Recycled Nylon Casual Fabric100%Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsAnti-winkle Fabric for Down Coats100% Nylon Foil Lamination FabricCustomized Printing Nylon TaffetaNylon Spandex Fabric for TrousersSoftshell Bonded 2 Layers FabricsRecycled Nylon Fabric for JacketsSoftshell Bonded 3 Layers Fabrics100% Insulated Nylon Light FabricHigh Water Proof for Down JacketsNylon Sun-Protective Light Fabric20D Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsWater Proof 100% Polyester FabricHigh Density Nylon Taffeta FabricLightweight Insulated Down JacketMade of Treated Nylon UV BlockingLightweight Nylon Portable Jacket200T Polyester Fabric for Jackets4 Way Stretch Fabric for TrousersNylon Spandex Fabric for OutwearsStretch Freely Fabric for Bottoms40D Laminated Fabric for GarmentsPfc Free Water Repellency FabricsHigh Density 400 Wrinkled and SoftRecycled Nylon Fabric for OutwearsDown Proof Nylon Fabric for JacketNylon Wrinkle Fabric for Down CoatMedium Weight Poly Fabric for CapsHigh Density Fabric for Down CoatsRecycled Nylon Fabric for TrousersMultifunctional Woven Nylon FabricSmooth Outlook Fabric for GarmentsRecycled Nylon Fabric for OutdoorsPolyester Fabric for Fashion Wears70D Recycled Jacket's Nylon Fabric420T ECO Nylon Fabric for GarmentsLight Weight Fabric for Down CoatsStrech Nylon Fabric for Down CoatsUltralight Down Proof Nylon FabricRecycled Nylon6 Fabric for Bottoms75D Lamination Fabric for GarmentsWoven 4 Way Stretch Fabric BottomsDobby Four Way Elastic for Bottoms370T Nylon Fabric for Down Jackets100% RPET Fabric for Light Jackets390T Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsPolyamide Water Proof Nylon Fabric100% Nylon ECO Lightweight Jackets20D Embroidery Fabric for GarmentsNylon Recycled Fabric Down JacketsThick Stretch Nylon Garment FabricMix 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Resistant Fabric for GarmentsThick Polyester Fabric for Down CoatsWrinkle Resistant Fabric for OutdoorsLightweight Nylon Fabric with Shining100%Recycled Nylon Fabric for JacketsLightweight Nylon Fabric for OutdoorsMechanical Stretch Fabric for Jackets100%Polyester Fabric for Wind JacketsHigh Density Fabric for Casual Outfit390T Printing Fabric for Down JacketsHigh Quality Down Proof Jacket FabricHigh Quality Outdoor Polyester Fabric100%Polyester Fabric for Down JacketsEnvironment-friendly Polyester FabricNylon Spandex Four Way Stretch FabricGarden Multifunctional Cooling FabricLamination Nylon Fabric for Down CoatsHigh Density Nylon Fabric for OutwearsPlain Spandex Nylon Fabric for BottomsPinhole Retraction Fabric for GarmentsSun Protection Nylon Fabric for JacketFoil Lamination Fabric for Down Jacket100% Polyester Fabric for Down JacketsAnti-wrinkle Mechanical Stretch Fabric100% Recycled Nylon Fabric for Bottoms260T Polyester Fabric for Down JacketsInsulated Nylon Fabric for Casual WearZero Energy-consumption Cooling Fabric420T Fabric for Sun-Protective Jackets390T Polyester Fabric for Down JacketsComfortable Stretch Fabric for BottomsRecycled Polyamide Fabric for Outdoors15D Printing Nylon Fabric for Garments400T Polyester Fabric for Casual PantsRecycled Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsHigh Density 430T Wicking Nylon FabricNylon Taffeta Digital Printing Fabrics210T Recycled Nylon Fabric for Garments280T Recycled Nylon Fabric for LugaggesWoven Print Stretch Fabric for OutdoorsGood Color Fastness Fabric for OutwearsFunctional Cooling Coated Oxford FabricWater Repellent Finish Polyester Fabric100%Recycled Nylon Fabric for Backpacks420T Recycled Nylon Fabric for GarmentsMultifunctional Polyester Pongee FabricLycra Nylon Spandex Fabric for SwimwearFoil Lamination Fabric for Down JacketsSpot Goods Cotton Like Polyester FabricShiny Polyester Fabric for Outwear LookWater Repellent Fabric for Down JacketsComfortable Wearing Fabric for Garments380T Recycled Nylon Fabric for Garments260T Recycled Nylon Fabric for GarmentsDown Proof Breathable Lamination FabricPolyester Fabric Resistance to Chlorine230T Recycled Nylon Fabric for Garments100% Nylon Fabric for Fashion InsulatedRecycled 100% Nylon Fabric for Trousers290T Recycled Nylon Fabric for Garments100% Nylon Fabric MIX Colourful FeatherBio-based Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsWater Resistant Fabric for Wind Jackets100% Polyester Oxford Functional FabricGreat Color Fastness Fabric for TrousersLightweight UV Weft Elastic Nylon FabricWater Repellent Fabric for Fashion WearsWrinkle Resistant Fabric of Down JacketsLight Weight Fabric for Downproof JacketTwill Constructure Cotton Like Hand FeelMoisture Permeability Nylon Down Jackets420T Lightweight Nylon Fabric for SportyBreathable Coating Fabric for Down CoatsOptimized Temperature Regulation FabricsWrinkled ECO Outlook Fabric for Garments100% Permeability for Nylon Down JacketsHigh Weight Polyester Fabric for Garment100% Recycled Polyester Fabric for Suits230T Bio-based Nylon Fabric for GarmentsHigh Density Polyester Fabric for SportsWR Recycled Polyester Fabric for JacketsPuffer Fabric100% Nylon for Down JacketsDown Proof Polyester Fabric for GarmentsPolyester Fabric from Renewable ResourceResistant to Wrinkle Fabric for OutwearsPolyester Heat Transfer Printing FabricsDyed Polyester Stretch Woven Fabric Pants100% Recycled Polyester Fabric for Parkas75D Recycled Polyester Fabric for JacketsMoisture Wicking Fabric Sporty and CasualFunctional Refrigeration Sun-shade FabricUPF Nylon Lightweight Fashionable JacketsCalendaring Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsWrinkle Resistant Fabric for Wind JacketsCotton Like Water Vapor Permeable FabricsBiodegradable Weaving Fabric for GarmentsExcellent Quality Fabric for Down JacketsDown Proof Polyester Fabrics for OutwearsLightweight Polyester Fabric for Outdoors20D UV Protection Lightweight Nylon Fabric420T Lightweight Nylon Fabric for Outdoors50D Crumpled Polyester Fabric for OutwearsFashinable Anti-wrinkle Fabric for JacketsHigh Density Polyester Fabric for Outdoors20D Printing Polyester Fabric for Garments100%Recycled Nylon Fabric for Down JacketsWater Resistence Recycled Polyester Fabric240T Recycled Polyester Fabric for GarmentsRecycled Polyester Fabric for Light JacketsLaminated Polyester Fabric for Down JacketsRecycled 280T Polyester Fabric for Garments280T Recycled Polyester Fabric for Garments230T Recycled Polyester Fabric for GarmentsFunctional Finishing Water Repellent FabricTwill Constructure Polyester Fabric for HatHigh Quality Nylon Downproof Taffeta FabricLightweight Nylon Down Fabrics for OutwearsFunctional Sun Protection and Anti BacteriaPerformance Fabric of Refrigeration Cooling100%Polyester Down Proof Fabric for GarmentsEnvironment-protection Fabric for Down Coats100%Recycled Nylon Fabric for Casual JacketsMicro Fiber Printing Water-Resistant Fabrics100% Pearlescent Lamination for Down JacketsRecycled Polyester Fabric for Casual JacketsNylon Polyester Portable Jacket for OutdoorsAnti-UV Nylon Fabric for Lightweight JacketsLightweight Polyester Fabric for Down JacketsLightweight Nylon Fabric with Shining Outlook420T Lightweight Polyester Fabric for OutdoorsHigh Density 100%Polyester Fabric for OutdoorsHigh Density Fabric for Sun-Protective Jackets20D Printing 100%Polyester Fabric for Garments100%Recycled Polyester Fabric for Light JacketsAnti-UV Polyester Fabric for Lightweight Jackets100% Polyester Functional Fabric of RefrigerationStraight and Smooth Elastic Professional Menswear
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