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Wujiang Fuhua Fabric Co., Ltd
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Quality Supplier of ~Chemical Fiber Fabrics: Nylon and Polyester Production of ~Greige and Dyed Annual Capacity of Production of Fabrics ~302 million meters. Modern plants and office facilities ~are situated on 300,000 square meters of industrial land in Shengze Modern plants equipped ~with 3388 advanced water-jet weaving machines from Japan and France (Tsudakoma, Toyota, Staubli) ~Complete sets of 20 dyeing &Finishing, Printing and Coating equipment. Employee ~Over 1200 people ~covers a broad range of departments including Sales, Marketing, R&D, Production, Weaving, Dyeing and Finishing,warehouse, shipping as well as post-treatment processing of woven fabrics With an investment ~of 5 million Yuan in R&D Department. We market more than 2,000 products in Five categories: 1. Nylon Series :Taffeta, Twill, Taslon,Dobby, Oxford, Ribstop, Jacquard. 2. Taslon Series :Plain, Twill, Dobby, Oxford, Ribstop, Jacquard. 3. Polyester Series :Taffeta, Pongee, Taslon, Peach Skin, Twill, Dobby Ribstop, Oxford, Jacquard 4. Nylon-Polyester :Plain, Twill, Dobby, Oxford, Ribstop, Jacquard. 5. Others Processing 1. Printing 2. Bonding 3. Coating 4. W/R 5. Down 6. Cire 7. Peach 8. Embossing 9. Functional Vertically integrated weaving company supplying, developing fabrics for general garments as ~Garment linings ~Sports wears ~Leisure wears ~Down Garments ~Children wears ~Bags and suitcases ~Umbrellas, Beach Umbrellas and Tents Market throughout the Americas, Europe and countries in S.E. Asia. Together our philosophy of innovation, technology and experience in researching and developing and producing the world`s high quality fabrics has resulted in success and growth.
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Wujiang Fuhua Fabric Co., Ltd
Wujiang Fuhua Fabric Co., Ltd
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  • The New Solution Of Low-carbon Chemical Fabric In The Background Of Carbon Neutral Sorona Fiber/ Fabric Introduction Since the Second Industrial Revolution, human's industrial modernization level has been promoted rapidly, and the global economy has entered a new era, with economic growth far higher than any previous era. The reason cannot be ignored is that human began to use fossil fuels on a large scale, including but not limited to coal, oil and natural gas. The burning and use of large amounts of fossil fuels will inevitably produce huge amounts of greenhouse gases. The textile industry accounts for about 10% of global greenhouse gas emissions each year. Therefore, the sustainable development of the textile industry will bring positive changes to the earth's environment. The Definition of Sorona Fiber Sorona is a kind of fiber fabric introduced by DuPont. It is widely used in the production of textile clothing and other household and commercial carpets. Sorona polymer is made up of 1, 3 - propanediol (PDO) and PTA (DMT) or the two primary ingredients. Among them, PDO is the key raw material, accounting for 37% of the total raw material.
  • What is Yarn Dyed Fabric The dyed yarns are generally divided into two ways: colored spinning and dyed yarns. Generally speaking, the yarn-dyed fabric refers to the cloth woven by the shuttle loom, but the knitting machine can also make yarn-dyed knitwear. Compared with printed and dyed cloth, it has a unique style, but the price is more expensive. Because the total loss of dyed yarn, weaving and finishing of yarn-dyed cloth is relatively larger, while the output per machine is not as high as that of white grey cloth, so the cost increases. Product Features Compared with conventional products, yarn-dyed fabrics have better color fastness because they are dyed first and the color penetrates into the yarn, while printed and dyed fabrics usually have areas where the yarn is not colored when you peel the yarn. Minimum order quantity is small. No matter what yarn weave, density, grain, color tens of meters and hundreds of meters can also be done, but it is difficult to customize the dyed printed fabric without grey cloth, and the dyeing and printing process will limit the small batch production. Full Yarn Dyed Fabric Dyed or partially dyed yarn in both warp and weft (or fabric with several colored yarns interwoven with white yarns). Semi Yarn
  • What is UV Protection Clothing? Instant sun protection. Explore a range of styles that block over 90% of UV rays to protect your skin. It`s sunscreen in wearable form. The Science of UV Rays and UV Protection Technology Double Sun Protection Technology We apply the optimum form of UV Protection technology depending on the material and structure of each fabric. From women`s, men`s, kids` and babies` styles to accessories like hats and umbrellas, we offer a wide range of products featuring protection ratings from UPF15 to UPF50+. Even in pale spring and summer colors, these styles provide effective sun protection so that you can wear them confidently. The Science of UV Rays There are 3 types of ultraviolet rays: UVA, UVB, and UVC. UVA and UVB rays reach the earth`s surface and are harmful to our bodies. Over many years, exposure to these UV ray
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  • 20D Printing Nylon Cool Fabric for Outdoors
  • 20D High Density Nylon Taffeta Fabric
  • Nylon Fabric Lightweight UV
  • Multi Function Lightweight UV Protection
  • Multi way Stretch Fabric for Casual Pants
  • 390T Polyester Fabric for Down Jackets
  • High Density Polyester Fabric for Sports
  • 100% Polyester Fabric for Down Coats
  • 28D Printing Fabric for Down Jackets
  • Calendaring Nylon Puffer Fabric for Down Jackets
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